Temptress is a trio of veteran touring musicians, which includes Andi Cuba drums/vocals, Kelsey Wilson guitar/vocals, and Christian Wright bass/vocals. All members converged in Dallas, Texas and began their musical journey in 2019. 

In five months, these experienced players went from jamming for fun to writing and recording some potent heavy songs. They immediately began performing live as TEMPTRESS and then presented their first three original songs in a debut EP release, Temptress.

Temptress finished writing their first full-length album in 2020 and went into Crystal Clear Sound Studio with Kent Stump (Wo Fat) to helm the recording, mix, and final mastering.

 Their debut record, entitled SEE, released through Metal Assault Records on March 3, 2023, and features cover art from Caitlin Mattison. Temptress toured extensively throughout 2023 to support SEE and present the album to live audiences.


Kelsey Wilson – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Andi Cuba – Drums, Vocals
Christian Wright – Bass, Vocals

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“The power trio used everything I love in heavy music and created a unique album. Temptress have captured my attention from start to finish with See and it’s an album I’ll want to revisit often. I only hope more than six songs were written so a follow up is not far away.” ~ The Sleeping Shaman

“With powerful vocals, intricate guitar work and a tight rhythm section, Temptress has created an album that is sure to leave a lasting impression.” ~ Sierra Light, mxdwn

“…the band became increasingly aware of their separate influences and began working to bring the sounds together into something that is just a little bit harder to define than simply ‘metal’.” ~ Dallas Observer

“With dueling male/female vocals, killer riffs, and an element of looming danger, See is going to be one of the most remembered debuts of 2023.” ~ Rich Piva, Doom Charts

“…Temptress takes you into the deep, dark tunnels and unveils this crystal ball, showing you these hidden secrets that’ll make your eyes wide-open. And we got to witness its true colours from start to finish.” Echoes and Dust